Yury Shulnam

Yury Shulman is an American grandmaster in chess; he was born in April 29, 1975 in Minsk, which is now known as Belarus. He presently lives in the United States. Yury Shulman started learning chess lessons from Tamara Golovey. Later, he went on to study under International Master Albert Kapengut at the age of 12, and subsequently under the guidance of GM Boris Gelfand. Eventually, he achieved his grandmaster title in 1995. Shulman moved to the United States in 1999 to attend University of Texas at Dallas, a three-time national championship college team. Know more about Yury Shulman.

From the State Academy of Sports, Belarus, US chess champion Yury Shulman earned Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Later, he did his M.B.A in Finance from the Texas University at Dallas. In 2001, he co-won the World Open, and in 2002 co-won the American Open. He also won the US Open Chess championship in 2006 and, in 2008, won the US Chess Championship. As of the April 2009 ratings list, he had a FIDE rating of 2632.

In World Cup 2005, Yury Shulman played against some of the world’s top chess players and vanquished three higher rated GMs to advance to the round of 32. Despite eight Americans competing in this event, only Gata Kamsky was able to advance further than Shulmam. However, in addition to all of his chess accolades, Yury Shulman also has a number of organizations based in the Chicago area with altruistic purposes. His most prominent organization is the non-profit Chess without Borders that works to raise money for good causes using chess.

US chess champion Yury Shulman, has occupied book drives for the Chicago area, and contributed charities all over the world from his chess champs. Moreover, he also raised funds to help an Indian girl living with severe burns. However, this organization is presently in the running for the 2009 Chicago Innovation Award. Yury Shulnam is the founder of the International Chess School. He used using chess as a vehicle to raise funds for philanthropic causes. Shulman presently teaches chess to children at all of the schools in town, and offers classes at his home. Clearly his priorities involve helping the chess community worldwide, and urging the chess community to use its skills to help the world at large. Get your Titan Bet bonus with up to £25 in titan bet free bets and enjoy the best sports betting with special sports promotions.

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