Irina Krush

International master Irina Krush was born in December 24, 1983 in Odessa, Ukraine. She started learning chess at the age of five. She immigrated with her parents to Brooklyn in the year 1989. Irina Krush studied in Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, which is known to be one of the top high school chess teams in the USA. At age 14 Irina Krush won the 1998 US Women’s Chess Championship and she becomes the youngest U.S. Women's Champion ever. She earned the title of International Master, a Woman Grandmaster and has one of three tournament results necessary to qualify for the International Grandmaster title. US chess player Irina Krush has a FIDE rating of 2452, 34th best among active women players. Know more about Irina Krush.

In 1999, Irina Krush earned measure of fame within and outside the chess circles in the well-publicized Kasparov vs. the World match. Garry Kasparov played the white pieces with a team of young chess masters. Irina was the team MVP, working indefatigably on her analysis and constantly changing theory with her novelty for the black side of the Bb5+ Sicilian. A mini scandal erupted when Irina's recommendation for the 58th move of the game was not considered due to an Internet glitch- the team lost quickly, but might have drawn if Irina's choice was selected. Irina Krush has also been an important team member at Olympiads. She defeated World’s Women Chess Champion Xu Yuhua in both the 2002 and 2004 Olympiads. In May 2006, she graduated from NYU with a degree in International Relations.

Irina Krush played in the Dresden Olympiad 2008, making the team to won bronze medals. Her team-mates Goletiani and Zatonskih had great scores of the team; Krush again scored a big win over the Women's World Champion, GM Alexandra Kosteniuk. A well known rounded player, Irina wins in both technical endgames and with brilliant attacks. She is known to be stubborn both on and off the board. If she feels her opponent has violated a basic chess principle, she'll search ardently for punishment and often find it. Irina Krush also has high standards of sportsmanship, and is disappointed when her chess peers don't adhere to them.

Irina Krush recently played for the New York Knights in the U.S Chess League. Irina and her husband Pascal Charbonneau, who is a Canadian Grandmaster, played in the United Kingdom league for Guildford-ADC. US chess player Irina Krush is widely known for her series of chess training videos, the "Krushing Attacks" series. Besides, playing chess Irina also enjoys tennis, practicing French, photography, rapping and writing. She is a frequent contributor to Chess Life Magazine.

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