Camilla Baginskaite

Women's Grandmaster Camilla Baginskaite was born in April 24, 1967 in Vilnius, USSR. She studied her chess lessons from her father when she was eight years old. However, at the age of ten she visited a chess school. At the age of fifteen she became the youngest Lithuanian Women’s Chess Champion. In the year 1986, Camilla Baginskaite was third at the Under 20 World Junior Chess Championship in Vilnius. Later, she also wins in Baguio. For this achievement she earned the title Woman International Master. However, the championship in 1987 was only was only her second international tournament and her first outside the Soviet Union. Read on to know more about Camilla Baginskaite.

Camilla Baginskaite moved to San Francisco in the year 1997. She studied design in both Lithuania and the U.S.A. She also completed her Master's degree in history of art. In 1996, Camilla played first board for Lithuania at the Yerevan Olympiad. There Camila met the American GM Alex Yermolinsky, now her husband. They have two sons. In 2000 Camilla shared the U.S. Women's championship title with M.I.T student Elina Groberman. Camilla went on to defeat Elina 2-0 in a match for the gold championship ring. This victory qualified Camilla for the 2001 Women's World Championship in Moscow. In this championship she reached the last sixteen and this was best result for a female U.S. chess player since the Championship was founded in 1927. But she was defeated by Xu Yuhua in a tiebreak.

For many years, US chess player Camilla Baginskaite was an enthusiastic participant of team chess and played first board for Lithuania at the Women’s Chess Olympiad of 1994 and 1996. Later, she represents the U.S. team on first board at the Chess Olympiad 2000 and 2002, played second board in. Camilla Baginskaite is a strong positional player with a solid opening repretoire. She plays 1.d4 with White, Nimzos and the Najdorf as Black. By 2006, there was strong competition for places in the U.S. Olympiad team and she could only make selection for reserve board. In comparison with other top flight chess players, she has been relatively inactive for long periods since the 1990s.

US chess player Camilla Baginskaite inspires other women by taking a weekly class at the legendary Mechanics Institute. She speaks sparsely and quietly but her carefully chosen words are passionate and eloquent. Apart from playing chess she also likes reading books and picking mushrooms, berries, typical Lithuanian pastimes.

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