Boris Gulko

International grandmaster in chess Boris Gulko was born in February 9, 1947 in Erfurt, East Germany. When he was born, his father was in the Red Army and was posted in East Germany. His family came backed in the Soviet Union after a few years. US chess player Boris Gulko earned his Grandmaster title in 1976 and won the USSR Chess Championship in 1977. As of April 2007, his Elo rating was 2576, making him the 12 player in the US and the 214th-highest rated player in the world. His rating was 2644 in 2000. Read on the following article to know more about Boris Gulko.

Shortly after Boris Gulko won the USSR chess championship, he wanted to move to another country but his permission was not granted. However, his chess career took a lower rank to his opposition to Communism. He and his wife Anna Akhsharumova became prominent member of Soviet Refuseniks. As a “refusenik,” he was arrested, beaten and forbidden to participate in top-level chess competitions. Boris Gulko was permitted to go to the U.S. in 1986. He qualified to play in the 2004 World Chess Championship in Libya but withdrew along with other Jewish players. Boris and Anna were vocal against the communist regime, even going on three hunger strikes. Boris Gulko was briefly jailed, and once beaten for his beliefs.

Boris and his wife Anna who is also a women chess grandmaster, were not allowed to play in the top level chess competition and were allowed to play within the Soviet Union only. But Boris Gulko finally immigrated to US in 1986. Anna and Boris moved to the U.S. after only a few months living in Israel, eventually settling in New Jersey. After moving to the U.S. he won the US Chess Championship in 1994 and 1999. However, Boris Gulko is the only chess player ever to have held both the American and Soviet championship titles. US chess player Boris Gulko is known for his strong middle game positional play and solid style. Moreover, he’s not easy to beat. Gulko is one such players to hold a plus score against Kasparov (+3, -1 and =4).

Boris Gulko has a great respect for Kasparov. He also highly suggested Kasparov’s books titled “The Great Predecessors series and Test of Time” more than any others. He also said that this book is required to read for aspiring masters and grandmasters. Even with his many trials and accomplishments as a grandmaster and activist leader, Gulko has managed to remain friendly and modest. He has a smile for everyone.

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